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November 20, 2012


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Hey Guys! Sorry for the lack of ACTUAL updates... :iconpapcryplz: I just kinda been overwhelmed in the WIR Fandom lately, and I've met some great people... <3

So Here is an ACTUAL update for you all <3 <3 <3


What can I say? My art has pretty much gone turbo, Turbotastic to be exact! I've been drawing a lot more lately on my tablet, which is good, since I haven't drawn on it in about a month...*cry*
Expect more Turbo art, and some WiR fanart. :D


I wanna say, I joined the WiR fandom, and ended up meeting so many new people who are so great! I mean, I love them, Such nice and sweet babs. I just wanna snuggle them... ;-;
As well as a few other fandoms, My GF fandom, where are you? Gravity Falls has been on Hiatus, I believe, which kinda saddens me because I loved putting up theories for episodes and getting excited for them...*cry*


School is ehhh, I am not doing that good this year...OTL. I think I've just gotten lazy...although one good thing is I have been doing A LOT more traditional artwork. (which can be found at my instagram:
Softball is meh as well. New coaches means new bullshit. -___-''

:bulletgreen:OTHER BULLSHIT:bulletgreen:

I've been going out more lately. Like to places. I am planning on going to my local theater and ask for the WiR standups, poster, and window stickers, since they throw it out most of the time. I shall decorate my room in a awesome way.
I am also planning on repainting my room to an 8-bit theme. Half red and half grey. I am excite. :giggle:

That's all folks! <3
  • Mood: Eager
naan21 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
I love WiR ;n;

That's all I can say right now XP
CaramelTampons Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
omfg i shud hav done thatt AHHHHHHHHHHHH they had huge 1s at our theatre TT.TT n im glad cnt wait 4 the turbbss n we lov u 2 babs :D im glad iv come into the WIR fandom 2 <3 <3
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